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How to Host a Sex Toy Party

How to Host a Sex Toy Party

Embarrassment over sex is a thing of the past. These days people are talking openly about their sex lives and even making a living by throwing a sex toy party with friends. There are so many different kind of sex toys available to offer friends and customers - and there is growing interest from women in both talking about sex and buying products. If you are in search of a way to throw a Denver sex toy party, there are some important ideas that follow. Women Want More Toys, More Pleasure Check out any sex shop or online sex toy seller, you can find an almost overwhelming number of toys and sexual aids. These can range from dual action vibrators to g spot vibrators. But while women may be covered by these typical toys, if you are throwing a party, you want to go beyond the basics and include more toys, like dildos, vibrators, lube, and other fun accessories. Along with the toys, the women will want you to be able to provide instruction. If the women are new to these sex toys, you want to make sure they are com comfortable with using them. That means as the party host, you will have to learn about all of the toys you are selling, how each one works and how it can boost a women's sexual satisfaction. So, read those instructions if you aren't familiar with the toys already. Try out the different functions and you will get a head start of showing others how they work. Be prepared for some of the women to be uncom comfortable at the party, because she may not be used to sharing her interests in sex. So try to teach about these toys without being too explicit. One way to do it is to use a vibrator against your arm or touch lube with your hands. Find out what's Hot A hot and popular pick among women is the Rabbit vibrator. This toy has a vibrating base that you can insert as well as 'bunny ears' that massage and stimulate the clitoral area. Using the Rabbit will give women two intense sensations simultaneously. If you are the toy party host, this toy is a must to bring with you, along with another popular toy - the Layaspot. This vibrator is discreet and not-to-big. It can be used by resting it on the vulva and the clitoral area, which gives women maximum stimulation through a totally ergonomic design. Another super choice for all-female couples are dual action vibrators. These will give the couple a chance at exciting face-to-face interaction during sex. The vibrators are inserted into both partner and is boosted by the movements of both partners, which helps with stimulation. If you have the idea for throwing a Denver sex toys party, you have to be ready. Get prepared enough so you can give the women coming to the party have all the knowledge they need about how each toy works. With this knowledge, the women will have the confidence to use to the toys in their sex life, share with their partner and get all of the benefits the toy offers
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