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Sex Thoughts

Sex Thoughts

By truepornstar - Sep 28, 2008 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 30568 Home alone again and horny as hell, I don’t know what is wrong with me but I just can’t seem to stop thinking about sex.
I let my mind start to wander and soon enough I can feel myself getting wet. As always he is there and I have to try and control myself as every time I see him I just want him to pin me down and fuck me hard.
He suggests we watch a DVD together and I have the perfect one in mind. As we lay there on his bed waiting for the film to start I look over to watch for his reaction. Lets just say it’s an adult film I have chosen. I see the smile creep on his face as he realises what it is.
I start to play with my nipples imagining its us in the film twisting and pulling on them gently. My hands move lower and I can feel myself getting more and more wet. I let my fingers slowly glide over my clit, which makes me gasp. I use my other hand to move towards him and notice he is as turned on as me, I take hold of his hard cock and start moving up and down all the time still playing with myself.
I move down the bed and take him into my mouth a little bit at a time sucking and licking, and then I take each of his balls into my mouth circling my tongue around them. He starts breathing deeply and I can tell he is enjoying it as much as me. All of sudden he turns me onto my back and starts kissing me.
He moves to my neck and bites me, oh my god I want him now. He moves down pining my arms to the bed kissing me all over. He reaches between my legs I beg him not to stop he leans in and starts licking my clit a moan in pleasure not sure how much longer I can take it, I need to feel him inside me now.
He moves up and slowly starts to enter me. I want him deep inside of me and now. Then all of a sudden thrusts himself in deep and hard I shout out his name. He pumps faster and harder into me I can feel myself coming and scream out just as he grunts with pleasure as he fills me up.
Then I wake up yet another dream but maybe one day it will come true.

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